Numbers – 1/30 – 2/3

February 3, 2023

Dear TK Families,

There were numbers, numbers, everywhere in our TK class! Your children were busy counting, adding, and writing numbers! A big hit this week was our 0-10 Number Notebooks. Each child traced the number, traced the word, wrote the number, and drew a picture with the corresponding number for that page. This was a 2-day Star activity! A great way to practice our number writing 😊

One of our Star activities this week was making a “number face.” Each child cut out a face shape out of construction paper then picked out cut-out numbers from 0-9. Could the 0 be the eyes? What about the number 7 – maybe a mouth? These turned out so silly!


At group time on Friday, we did a fun activity called “Write the Room.” Each child had a clipboard with paper and a pencil and navigated their way around the classroom to find snow globe pictures. The snow globe pictures had a certain number of snowballs in it. First, they counted how many snowballs there were and then they wrote the corresponding number on their paper. Such great number writing practice!

Your child may have come home and told you that we talked about Space and NASA.  What a perfect week for this since our loft area turned into a NASA spaceship! The children worked in Mission Control center and pretended to go in to space!  NASA, you’ve got future astronauts in the works!


We also discussed Groundhog Day this week. On Tuesday, we talked about whether he will see his shadow or not. More of the children thought he would – and they were right! According to legend, that means six more weeks of winter. We watched a short video of the groundhog and everyone thought he was pretty adorable!

A few questions to ask your child:
1.  Can your child tell you about our “Race to fill the cup” game?

  1. Can your child tell you about our Science experiment? (How many drops of water to fill the circle?)
  2. Can your child tell you about our first Library visit?

    Next week, we will return to the letter of the week and our room will be occupied by the outstanding letter O!

Have a nice weekend!

Jessica, Lynn, and Carol