Play Week 2 – 5/27 – 5/31


Dear TK Families,

For the past couple of weeks, the boys and girls worked on putting our play together. All the scenery – the day sky, the night sky, the sun and the moon, the trees, and of course, their costumes, were all created by your artistic children! After the dress rehearsals for PS 1, PS 2, and Pre-K, we were ready for our big production on Friday. The children were so excited for you to see the play!

Thank you for all your help and support! Thank you so much for helping us celebrate your wonderful children! Acting in the play worked up a big appetite and the children (and teachers) loved the delicious treats that were brought in. Thank you to Britta’s mom and Madison’s mom for helping to make the party a success! What a great way to finish out the week after all of TK’s hard work!

It’s hard to believe that next week we are down to the last week of school! Just a reminder – that on Friday, June 7th, we will be gathering on the grass outside of our classroom at 1:00 to give out portfolios and say goodbye as a part of our graduation. Please join us at this special time!


Lynn, Jessica and Carol