Letter A – 9/25-9/29


Dear TK Families,

It was an AMAZING week learning all about the letter A. At meeting time, we discussed how the letter A can make two different sounds: A as in apple and A as in acorn. In the classroom, we were surrounded by A activities. There was apple tree building at the science table, writing A’s in apple sauce, completing apple patterns, and estimating the number of alphabet letters at the estimation table.

Every Monday, we introduce our letter of the week by having the children decorate that letter. At the art table, they used animal stickers for A!  Monday is also journal day. Each child has their own journal with his/her name on it. We had the children draw a picture of something they did over the weekend. We then asked the children to tell us what their picture was about. The children wrote the sounds they heard in the words. Since we will be doing this every Monday the objective is to work towards them doing as much of the writing as they can.

The children were excited to share what they brought in for the letter of the week. Thank you for your help with this! It was a lot of fun for everyone to see what was found at home. This week we started our word wall. We write down what each child brings in and we add these words to the wall. We also will introduce common pre-kindergarten sight words. This week we started with “at” & “and.”

Every Thursday, the children will complete a multi-step writing activity using their journal. First, the boys and girls get their journal and their word basket. Step two is to get a word strip. Step three is to pick a word from the word wall. After writing this word on the word strip (step four), they draw a picture in their journal of this word. (Step five!) The children then wrote a sentence that included their chosen word. That’s 6 steps in all! The three of us were SO impressed at how well the TK children did this week! Wow!

A few questions to ask your child:

1. Ask your child about our Ten Apples Up on Top activity. How many apples did he/she put on their head?
2. Can your child tell you about our science activity – what weighs more than an apple?

3. Ask your child if they can sing you our Letter A song! (Lyrics on the song page)

Next week, we will bounce in to a bustling, busy B week!

Lynn, Jessica and Carol