Week 28

Dear PreK Families,

What a fun week we had talking about all different types of weather (especially since we’ve been experiencing many of these weather patterns at school).  We discussed what a forecast is as well as what a meteorologist is.  This word they were familiar with since it is one of our classroom jobs every morning during our calendar time.  In our journals this week the children picked their favorite weather and it was so exciting to see the different types of weather they chose.  On our science table we had 7 bottles filled with different liquids and materials to represent different weather types (sunny, cloudy, rainy, snowy, stormy, windy, and hail).  They greatly enjoyed shaking the bottles and watching how everything moved inside them.  Our writing table became filled with children practicing their letters and using cards with weather words spelled out on them. 

As the week went on we did many activities with RAINBOWS.  This was definitely a hit in our room!!! From making windsocks, sponge painting rainbows and just drawing rainbows by freehand, our room became very bright and cheery with all the different colors!!  We enjoyed a few special rainbow snack treats this week from “weather in a cup”, rainbow graham cracker sky and fruit loop rainbows.

Other highlights this week:

  • Solar eclipse fun-we learned about the solar eclipse and how the moon covers the sun at the same exact time. It sounds like many children “viewed” the eclipse (safely!) and had many exciting stories to share.
  • Fire Station field trip- we had a wonderful visit to the Wellesley fire station and were very fortunate to learn so many interesting things about the firefighters.  We got to sit in the driver’s seat of the firetruck. We also got to see all the equipment firefighters have to put on in an emergency.  Thank you to our parent volunteers for walking with us on our visit!!! Thank you also to the families for all your donations to the delicious gift basket for the firefighters-they were extremely grateful!
  • Music with Ms. Elaine
  • Math bag by Tucker
  • Umbrella art

Thank you to all the families for taking the time to visit us this week for parent/teacher conferences.  We appreciate your time and LOVE talking about how amazing your child is. We truly mean it when we say this is a special group. We look forward to the last few months with each of them.

Enjoy the week off and safe travels to those visiting places!

Jen, Dana, and Karen