Week 11

Dear PreK Families,

Our three-day week went by quickly but was filled with festive activity. We wrapped up our Kindness/Thanksgiving unit with group discussions, songs and movement, related skills projects, and, of course, our big Thanksgiving snack celebration!

The children decorated the long tablecloth using crayons and stickers while the soup warmed, and then we all enjoyed the feast! Thank you SO much, to everyone who sent items in to contribute. We all had such a fun, delicious time together.

The Kindness component of our unit carried on by adding the first of the “Kindness Stones” to each child’s bucket. The lovely, decorated buckets rest on a shelf in our room, and when teachers see acts of kindness, we place a small stone in one’s bucket to recognize his/her action. Sometimes stones are given as a group/class, and other times for individual acts.

Thanksgiving activities included:

  • Scientific discussions about turkeys and their lifecycle: eggs to chicks to poults (adolescents) to adult turkeys. (Ask your child how male and female adult turkeys differ in appearance).
  • Miss Melanie came in for Part Two of her Pilgrim/Mayflower action-story, and made bracelets with us to document each action of the story she shared with us last week. Very Fun!
  • The children made Turkey Farm Art: using traced handprints, they colored them in with oil pastels and then painted over them with a watercolor wash. Adding fencing and gems came next. We hope you enjoy them!

Other highlights this week:

  • On Wednesday, we had a special visitor in class. Miss Jen’s son, Jack, visited our classroom for a “Shadow your parent at work” activity for his school. We all loved having him!
  • Reading the “Kindness Hearts” that you filled out and sent in for your child—thank you! The children were so proud. If you still have one at home—please send it in on Tuesday
  • Be Ahead of the Game
  • Building “The Mayflower Ship” with big blocks on the rug (repeatedly!)-it carried many children on “long journeys”!
  • Learning to weave, using construction paper strips

As we break for Thanksgiving, we want you all to know that we are truly thankful for all of our wonderful PreK children and families! Wishing you all excellent family time, and we will see you on Tuesday…

~Miss Karen, Miss Jen, and Miss Dana