Week 33

Dear PreK Families…

Here we are on the precipice of the last week of our PreK Class year together.  We ask ourselves how we got here, but we already know… We spent our days, weeks, and months having the honor of guiding and shaping our students so they could become, and then, continue on to who they are going to be.  And what wonderful times we had, and amazing memories we made along the way as each child touched our hearts and our minds.  Your children have come a long way since those early days in September in terms of their cognitive, emotional/social, and physical development.  They have learned how to recognize and control their feelings, cooperate and follow directions, make friends and exhibit empathy, and use their senses to explore and figure out the world around them.  They are more than ready for their next steps… This brings us to our “Moving On” Ceremony to be held on Friday, June 9th at 1:00 pm.  Please park as though you would on playground pick-up days and then join us on the playground.  The children have worked hard to learn a special song for this occasion and have each created an amazing work of art to accompany it.  You will want to have your cameras ready!!!

Although technically a “short” week… We spent our time celebrating several authors who are near and dear to our collective hearts.  Stories written and illustrated by the authors Eric Carle, Chris Van Dusen, Leo Lionni, and Julia Donaldson were read both outside on the playground and inside our classroom.  The children recognized that these author/illustrators also wrote other books that we have enjoyed and treasured reading together over the course of the year… The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Carle), An Enormous Egg (Lionni), and The Gruffalo (Donaldson).  The stories we have read during class these past weeks have become more involved from a plot and a character standpoint, often evoking feelings and/or emotions that we enjoy discussing together afterward.  We are very proud of the PreK Class and their growing ability to listen to, recall details, and learn from the books we share with them.

We had a great deal of fun celebrating the following PreK birthdays in class this week… Madison, Annie Jane, and Charlie!!!  Thank you to their families for providing our class with yummy birthday treats for all to enjoy!!  The fun continues into next week as well as we continue celebrating our summer birthdays with John (Monday), Cece H. (Tuesday), Lucy (Wednesday), and Britta (Thursday)!!

Of course, we cannot forget to let you know how much fun we had watching our PreK families participate in our “End of the Year” Celebration with The Bubble Music Man.  We cannot deny that a fabulous time was had by everyone…


Additional activities and projects we enjoyed participating in this week…

  • Playing in the “library” during dramatic play
  • Creating our own “bubble wrap popping game”
  • Sequencing the story of The Grouchy Ladybug
  • Using real artists acrylic paint to paint our canvases for our “Moving On” Ceremony
  • Participating in our last music for the year with Miss Elaine
  • Making a Thank You card to surprise Miss Elaine
  • Completing the decorating phase and taking home our sandcastles
  • Enjoying time spent playing together on the playground and in our classroom


We hope you enjoy the weekend with family and friends…


Most Sincerely…

Miss Karen, Miss Dana, and Miss Penny