Week 3

Dear PreK Class Families:

As we continue on our journey into Fall we are already beginning to notice changes in our students. Routines and expectations are becoming solidified in the business of their day, new play partnerships are being formed, and there is a confidence in the demeanor of the children – they now know they are part of and belong to the PreK Class. Although the children are always quick and willing to give hugs and shout-outs to their former teachers, they also recognize that they are a part of Miss Karen, Miss Dana, and Miss Penny’s class.

Our quick week surrounded the subject of self-discovery (All About Me!!!) and the recognition and identification of our emotions. We read the book The Color Monster (A Story About Emotions) by Anna Llenas. This story revolves around a young child who distinguishes between five emotions (happiness, anger, sadness, fear, and calm) articulating what each may feel like by equating it with a color thus, helping “The Color Monster” to consider the scope and range of feelings he is experiencing.

Born from this story were activities and conversations scaffolding the identification of emotions we may be feeling at the moment. When asked during Morning Meeting, most children said they felt “happy”, some felt “serious”, another felt “nice”. Several said that they missed their mom or dad (or “baby sister”!!) and equated these feelings with “sadness” (although in reality they were totally happy!!). Other feelings mentioned were “silly”, “tired”, and “loved”.

Another activity the children participated in was a facial recognition exercise whereby each child was asked to identify themselves by only a photograph of their eyes. What fun they had guessing which set of eyes belonged to them!! Many were surprised when they guessed a friend’s eyes in place of their own!!

The children enjoyed time spent in and out of our classroom this week…
• Using large paper punches and colorful paper to strengthen fine motor muscles
• Having their body traced in preparation for their large self-portraits
• Decorating their “All About Me!!!” bags (notice with instructions and bag return schedule will be included with bag)
• Making and eating “Veggie Face” snacks
• Singing and dancing with Miss Elaine
• Coloring our “The Color Monsters” and identifying their feelings
• Making “scribble monsters” and giving them features with stickers
• Having class jobs
• Taking a turn with The Math Bag
• Singing our Fall Color Leaf Song
• And of course, it goes without saying… Playing on the playground

As teachers, we are very excited that pick-up is now on the playground (as long as the weather is not inclement). It gives us the special chance to watch as you and your child meander away discussing the day together…

We hope that this first weekend of October brings you all that this season has to offer. We look forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday.

Most Sincerely…
Miss Karen, Miss Dana, and Miss Penny