Preschool 1 Week

Week 22

Hello Families,

     We spent our week celebrating Dr. Suess! We read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish and used fishing rods and nets to catch fish in our water table. We also made beautiful red fish and blue fish paintings to hang in our classroom. We read Green Eggs and Ham and made our very own green eggs to eat! Ask your child if they liked this tasty treat? We also read Cat in the Hat and designed our own Dr. Suess inspired creations using model magic, beads and straws. 

We read lots of other Dr. Suess books throughout the week. We talked about the many different characters Dr. Suess created and the silly names he gave to his characters. We also listened for and identified rhyming words while reading his books.  We enjoyed some very mild days of outdoor play. The bikes and lawnmowers were back out from their winter hibernation and the children really enjoyed pedaling and mowing!

Miss Elaine came to sing with us on Thursday. During her visit we played a dinosaur game, learned some new dino songs and enjoyed stomping, dancing and roaring like our favorite dinosaurs. Miss Elaine even brought along her dinosaur puppet! Ask your child about the puppet.


Have a great weekend!

Lisa, Jeana and Mary