Week 22

Dear Preschool 2 Families:

Animals in the Wild!

This week we began our exploration of where the wild things are.  We talked about life on the African Savannah, the weather, vegetation, and the kinds of animals that can be found there.

We looked at the different patterns and textures that can be found in the wild and how patterns can help camouflage them. We discussed the difference between a wild animal and a pet and played a fun wild vs pet sorting game. Ask your child why an elephant or a giraffe would not make good pets.

We learned a lot of interesting facts about elephants, including its skin.  Ask your child why it’s so wrinkly and how all those wrinkles help them.  At the art table they swirled a thick, gray paint and flour mixture onto aluminum foil to create their own wrinkly creation.

A highlight of the week was a wonderful sensory experience as we wallowed in the mud with hippos and elephants.  Ask your child to tell you about what the animals use the mud for.

After discussing the zebra and his stripes, your preschoolers loved creating black and white 3-D art. Ask your child to tell you about his/her creation and how zebras’ stripes help them survive in the wild.

Your preschoolers have enjoyed learning about wild animals so much, we wanted to include you in the fun. Choose an animal with your child that you would like to learn more about and do some research together. Visit the library or search online, have fun with it! Together is the key! Then please send in a picture and two fun facts for your child to share with his/her classmates at circle time on Wednesday or Thursday.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Your Preschool 2 Teachers