Week 3

We cannot believe we are already at the end of our first month of school!  Although it has only been three weeks, your children are becoming fast friends, a subject we built upon this week as we simultaneously explored the world of color.
First we read Little Blue, Little Yellow by Leo Lionni and worked in pairs finger painting with blue and yellow.  Ask your child what color was created and who they teamed up with in this sensory art project.  We also read White Rabbit’s Color Book by Alan Baker and experimented with mixing colors with liquid watercolors, water and test tubes.  As your child what color they created with red and yellow.
Wednesday was a whirlwind with class pictures as well as time outside and moving to music in the big room. Your children did a wonderful job sitting and smiling for the photographer.
Throughout the week we had some great conversations about what it means to be a good friend. Ask your child if they can tell you some of the kind things friends do for each other. We also initiated the role of “helper of the day.”  Ask your child to tell you what this special role entails.
Next week we begin a month-long exploration of fall, beginning with apples!  Have a great weekend – perhaps some of  you will go apple picking!

Have a great weekend!
Miss Tracy, Miss Michelle & Miss Sally