Week 6

This week in PreK has been all about pumpkins!  We visited the pumpkin patch at school, where each child was able to pick a pumpkin and then we painted them in school.  We loved walking around and seeing all the different sizes and colors of the pumpkins. 

A favorite this week has been listening to the story Big Pumpkin. We have listened to it so many times, that the children are starting to act out certain parts and are remembering words from it. (You can find the story on YouTube if your child wants to play it at home). It’s definitely a favorite that we’ll keep reading until Halloween.

Sloan was our first child for “Me Week”.  We loved seeing the beautiful poster she made with pictures and objects that were special to her.  Thank you to Sloan’s mom for coming in to read to our class!!! We loved the stories you picked! We are so excited to see everyone’s posters as the year goes on.

We were able to celebrate by filling our “cutting jar” with an Oreo snack. During center time this year, the children have been practicing their fine motor skills by cutting paper into our jar.  As a fun treat, when the jar gets filled to the top, we have a small celebration.

Other highlights this week:

  • Reading Spookley the Square Pumpkin and making our own Spookley’s.
  • Making Jack-o-Lanterns on paper plates
  • Sequencing the characters in Big Pumpkin
  • Hammering golf tees into a pumpkin
  • M & M sorting and graphing
  • Sorting pumpkins by their size (small, medium, large)
  • Lego painting on pumpkins
  • Music with Miss Elaine

We hope everyone saw the email regarding Halloween in our room.  Children are encouraged to wear pajamas or Halloween colors on the 31st. We will be having some treats in the class to celebrate this fun day.

~Miss Jen, Miss Karen, Miss Dana