IMG_4932.jpg Michelle Gustus PS2

Michelle Gustus Co-lead Teacher

Michelle moved to the United States from England in 1981, graduated from Babson College with a business degree, and then began working at State Street Bank in their Mutual Funds Custodial Division. After a few years at State Street, Michelle took a “career break” to be with her four children and found her true passion: the care and education of young children.

Michelle finds that there is no greater joy than to observe learning in action; to see the delight in a young face when an elusive concept is finally understood. She knows how important the formative preschool years are to raising confident, capable, independent people. She has been a Lead Teacher at WNSH since 2007. During this time, she has enjoyed working with a variety of age groups and being part of a very talented, professional, and nurturing staff. Michelle lives in Natick with her husband and four children.